Gazetted Entt

                                  Gazetted Entitlement Wing


Organisational set up

Gazetted Entitlement wing is responsible for the fixation of pay, issue of pay/leave salary slips, maintenance of history of service/service cards of the Gazetted officers of Kerala State including All India Service Officers working in connection with the affairs of the State, Constitutional and Statutory authorities such as Governor, High Court Judges, Ombudsman, Chairman and Members of Kerala Public Service Commission, Commissions and Committees of Inquiry etc. Salary and allowances of non-officials such as Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, MLAs, personal staff of Ministers etc. are also authorized from this office.  Since the service records of the Gazetted officers are maintained by Accountant General, the initial processing of their pensionary benefits is also done by this wing.

There are 36 sections to deal with the service matters of around 43000 Gazetted officers. Four sections functioning in Thrissur Branch deal with public works and irrigation departments and 1 section functioning in Ernakulam branch deals with Animal Husbandry department. One section functioning in Kottayam branch deals with the entire Technical Education department.  All officers drawing salary in the revised scale of pay of Rs.10790-18000 (Rs.6500-10550 in pre-revised scales) and above are treated as Gazetted officers, unless such posts are included in the Subordinate Services.  Thirty sections functioning in the Main Office, Thiruvananthapuram, deal with the gazetted officers of the remaining departments. 

General Principles and Procedures for Authorization of pay and


The responsibility for the authorization and check of pay and allowances rest with the Accountant General (A&E).  Consequently the duty of maintaining the connected records, registers, leave accounts etc., and issuing of pay slips, leave salary certificates, countersigning of last pay certificates etc in respect of Gazetted Government servants will devolve on the Accountant General (A&E).

 Claims of Gazetted officers requiring authorization from Accountant General fall   under the following main categories. 

  •  Pay and allowances including arrears of pay and allowances
  •  Leave salary including surrender  leave salary
  •  Travelling allowances
  •  Advances
  •  Reimbursement of medical allowances
  •  Special allowances viz. uniform allowances

 Pay slips/fresh pay slips/revised pay slips required on the following


 New pay slips – new appointment, appointment for limited period, Contract

 appointmentFresh pay slip-  
  •  Whenever increment granted/stopped
  •  Whenever crossing efficiency bar
  •  Whenever there is change in pay other than that due to increment.
  •  Whenever one passes from one overlapping time scale to other.
  •  Whenever one is appointed to a temporary posts or reverted  therefrom
  •  Whenever the stop of the time scale at which there is a pause.
  •  Whenever an officer proceeds on leave of any kind or returns therefrom
  •  Whenever the officer is transferred from one post to another involving change of  designation, even if there is no change in emoluments.
  •  Whenever an officer gets suspended consequent on which the subsistence  allowance becomes payable to him.
 The Gazetted  officers can draw pay and allowances (except leave salary) without
 pay slip for 3 months as indicated below.

Mode of payment

  •  As a general rule, payment of pay, leave salary and allowances of Gazetted officers is arranged by the Accountant General either at the treasuries or through other disbursing officers like public works/forest divisional officers.
  • Pay slips issued to the Gazetted officers concerned and copies of the same are endorsed to Treasury officers/Divisional officers indicating the rates of pay, special pay(if any) and allowances to be paid from specified dates.

 Claims requiring pre-check

  • All claims including arrear claims relating to pay and allowances and TA other than last salary of a retired/deceased Gazetted officer.
  • Salary including pay or other allowances or TA claims of officers deputed to Foreign Service and in respect of whom LPC has been issued.
  • Claims of DA sanctioned after retirement with retrospective effect.
  • In case of belated issue of pay slips for increments which do not depend on passing of tests, completion of probation etc., but are delayed for routine reasons, the officer will be eligible to draw arrears on account of enhanced rate of TA, if any, from the date of such increment.  But the arrears will require pre-check.
  • It has been locally decided that medical reimbursement claims of Gazetted officers preferred after retirement require pre-check.

  Documents required for issue of pay slips


 On first appointment to Gazetted post (Direct recruitment)

  • Orders of appointment from competent authority duly signed in ink.
  • Full particulars of the post to which appointed and orders for the creation and period.
  • Charge report on assumption of charge signed by both the relieving and the relieved officers .If not signed by both the officers it should be countersigned by the controlling officer.
  • Blank  Gazetted  Entitlement Register
  • Every person who enters Government service on or after 1/9/1984 shall
     compulsorily enroll as a member of Group Insurance Scheme.
  • Employee who entered service on or after 19/8/1976 and have not crossed the age of 50 years shall within a period of 1 year from the date of entry in service subscribe to a policy in the official branch of State Life Insurance. For drawal of first annual increment after initial appointment a Government servant must commence subscription to SLI policy.
  • One who is appointed to a  post by direct recruitment or by transfer from any other service shall be on probation for a total period of 2 years of duty within a continuous period of 3 years. Regulation of increments has to be done in terms of provisions under rule37B (b) (i) Part I KSR.
  • A probationer whose period of probation is 2 years he shall be entitled to first increment on completion of 1 year of service. The second increment shall be drawn with effect from the date from which he is declared to have completed his  probation. Future increments will accrue on normal incremental dates.
  • Appointing authority can, before expiry of period of probation, extend the period of probation up to maximum of 1 year. Extension of period of probation beyond 1 year requires the sanction of Govt.

 On promotion from non Gazetted to Gazetted post or from a

 Gazetted post to another Gazetted post
  • Orders of promotion from competent authority duly signed in ink.
  • Orders for the creation or continuance of the post, if it is temporary.
  • Charge report on assumption of charge signed by both the relieving and the relieved officers and if not countersigned.
  • LPC from the last disbursing officer.
  • Service Book with leave account duly completed up to the date of promotion to the Gazetted post under proper attestation.
  • Blank Gazetted Entitlement Register in the case of promotion to the Gazetted post.
  • For appointments by promotion to selection posts, Govt have imposed ban on making temporary promotion from 1/10/1998. The ban on temporary promotion was subsequently lifted up to 30/6/2001 and therefore ban on temporary promotion under Rule 31(a)(i) of KS & SSR 1958 is in force from 1/7/2001. No temporary promotion is admissible from 1/7/2001 unless orders are issued in relaxation of ban on temporary promotion.
  • In the case of appointment by promotion every person shall be on probation for a period of 1 year of duty within a continuous period of 2 years. Regulation of increments has to be done in terms of provisions in Rule 37B(b)(ii) in the case of regular promotion\ on regularization of temporary promotion made under Rule 31(a)(i) of KS & SSR 1958. The first increment in the scale of pay of promotion post shall be drawn only w.e.f the date on which he is declared to have completed his probation. However, higher pay consequent on refixation of pay due under normal rules can be allowed during the period of probation.

  On transfer (within the state)

  • Orders of transfer from competent authority duly signed in ink.
  • Charge reports on relinquishing and assuming charge.
  • Orders for creation/ continuance of post (fresh pay slip is required only if there is a change in designation or emoluments.)

  On transfer (outside the state)

  • Orders of transfer from competent authority duly signed in ink.
  • Charge reports on relinquishing and assuming charge.
  • LPC issued by the treasury officer of the last station in duplicate.

  On holding additional charge

  • Orders assigning the additional charge and sanctioning charge allowance.
  • Charge report on assuming/ relinquishing charge. 

  While proceeding on leave

  • Sanction for the leave from competent authority with leave application. Delay in sanction of leave must be avoided.
  • Charge report on relinquishing charge.

  While returning from leave

  • Orders of posting if any and charge report on assuming charge on return from leave.

  While on deputation/foreign service

  • Orders of deputation from competent authority.
  • Terms and conditions of deputations.
  • Charge reports on relinquishment and assumption of charge.
  • LPC from the treasury of the last station in duplicate.

  On re-employment

  • Orders conveying the terms of re-employment.
  • Charge reports on assumption of charge.
  • The details of the post from which the officer has retired, the date of retirement and details of pension/ DCRG, if sanctioned.

  On provisional / contract appointment.

  • Orders regarding the appointment and terms of contract.
  • Charge report on assumption of charge.
  • One copy of GE Register.  In the case of appointments on contract basis, no pay slip is issued by   the Accountant General (A&E) for drawing fixed monthly remuneration unless the government order specify otherwise.

Nomination for DCRG.

  • Nomination for DCRG in the form given below and details of family in respect of Gazetted officers are required to be sent to the Accountant General (A&E) as per rules for conferring one or more persons the right to receive the gratuity.
  • For Gazetted officers having family- form 4B For Gazetted officers having no family-form 4D


  • Name of treasury from which pay is to be drawn should be noted in the charge report in the space provided.
  •  If the Report of Transfer of Charge cannot be signed by both the relieving/ relieved officers, it should be countersigned by the controlling officer.
  •  Full name and designation are to be given in all communications addressed to the AG (A&E).
  • Certificates of fulfillment of conditions laid down, if any, for the grant of allowances claimed should invariably be furnished.
  • Head of Departments are responsible to take timely action for Declaration/ Extension/ Termination of probation of a Govt servant.
  •  Amount of Terminal Surrender of Earned leave has to be classified under the Head of Account 2071 - 01 - 115 - 00 - 00 and the amount has to be drawn in form TR42.